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    Database Monitoring for Oracle

    Identify performance problems on your databases

    Reduce costs and save time

Why using Sierran database monitoring ?

Impact of database issues

Database is the source of a great part of application performance problems.

Sierran monitoring software gives you visibility into database performance. This enables you to find bottlenecks and fix issues

Database issues generally have strong consequences on a business. Not only on revenues but also on reputation and loyalty. Several studies point out the cost of an IT outage (Gartner group, IDC)

Database issues can be very long to solve and often require high level expertise.

Sierran database performance monitoring will allow you to reduce dramatically the time required to analyze the cause of hang and performance problems in your database.


Database Monitoring for Oracle

Quickly identify performance problems on your Oracle database without the help of highly skilled consultants

Easy setup

Save time and avoid risks.You only require a read only account on target databases. You only need a few minutes to start monitoring your Oracle databases.


Nothing to install on target database servers. Monitoring is centralized, no need to deploy agents for each database server.

Monitoring history

Improve your quality of service. Resolve problems before they occur twice. Monitoring data are historized so you can analyze what happened several days ago on your databases.

No extra costs

Save money. Oracle options (like Oracle Diagnostic Pack or Oracle Tuning Pack) are not required. Sierran accesses only free views.

Troubleshoot Performance Issues

Live and historical data helps application teams to troubleshoot performance issues (locking, slow and expansive queries, bad configuration and parameters, etc)

Easy Installation and Usage

Anyone can install and operate Sierran.


Database monitoring made easy

Sessions activity

Visualize sessions activity with nice charts in near real time.

Zoom in

Zoom in to focus on precise timing intervals as small as few seconds.

Top consumer sessions

See the top consuming sessions for the time interval of your choice.

Top events

See the top events.

Top queries

See the top consuming queries for the time interval of your choice.

Top queries history or live

See the top consuming queries statistics ordered by the criteria of your choice.

Query statistics history

View query statistics (elapsed, cpu, reads...) through charts or arrays.

Isolate session or query activity

Visualize the activity of the session or the query of your choice.

Top executions

See the elapsed time of each top query execution from one second (not an average).

And much more!

Other features

Blocking Sessions

Quickly identify current blocking sessions.

Blocking Session history

Get informations about past session blocking.

Live query statistics

See the current execution statistics for a query.

Instance statistics

View instance statistics history in both graphic and tabular mode.

Top objects

See the top objects for a given time interval.

Query execution plan

View the executions plans for the sql queries.

Top Services

View top database services.

Session top events

Visualize the top events for the selected session.

Session informations

View session connection information : OS user, program, client machine name, schema,...

Sql text

View the sql text of the selected query.


Short demo to discover Sierran database monitoring

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